Monday, August 9, 2010

Pretty in Pink Knick Knack Container

I always seem to have a cluttered bedside table as I'm usually too tired when I'm going to bed to bother putting things back where they belong. I spent years doing mass 'cleaning ups' with the best intentions of reforming myself into a more organised person.

I have now gotten to the point however where I have given up trying to retrain myself and have decided upon making the mess I do leave behind that little bit neater ;) I try to have as many open topped containers sitting on my bedside table as possible so that I can simply drop in my earrings, necklaces, bracelets, coins, hair clips etc. to store them as soon as I take them off. I have one container for each type of object, making things easier to find next time I'm in a mad rush before leaving the house and also reducing the inevitable tornado disaster I will have to clean up before I can go to bed that night... Now me being a recently qualified and thus jobless individual, I haven't got the money to buy any fancy jewellery boxes so of course I had to invent my own!

For the past few years I've made my way through TONS of Q tips/Cotton bud (depending on where you're from ;)) containers and everytime I throw them out i wonder if they could be made use of for something. One day the inspiration hit and I realised that I could solve my storage problems and waste disposal problems with one simple 'doctoring' project.

Here is the fruits of my efforts...

I used an old jewellery bag that I recieved a gift of a necklace in to cover the base of the container. (Make sure its either white or clear!) I folded over the excess material at the rim of the container and then secured it by pulling and tying the ribbon at both sides into a bow.

My spare coins now have a home which coordinates with the colour scheme in my bedroom AND there are no more unsightly coins strewn round the table anymore! :)

Until next time, have fun creating!

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