KIS Guide to Room Themes!

Below is a list of themes of room decor and their common features.

Remember that simply selecting one or two elements of a style (often in the accessories you choose for a room) can sometimes be as effective as being a slave to a certain style in every piece of furniture in the room!

1. The Romantic Style:

 Colours: Soft pinks, black, cream, brown, white.

Wood Shades: Most wood types.

Shapes and Patterns: Floral, paisley, flowing lines and curves.

Materials of Furniture and Accessories: Wood, plastics, crystals, beading, stone, glass, wicker, fabric: lace, cotton, silk, satin.

Key Accessories: Candles, chandeliers, mirror, cushions, flowers.

Feeling of a Romantic Room (the lingo!): Relaxing, boutique-ish, French Boudoir, warm, elegant, sophisticated.

Examples of the Romantic Style:

2. The Modern/Contemporary Style:

Colours: Mainly black and white (monochrome). These can be combined with another vibrant/bold colour in the room's accessories, including: red, blue, yellow, lime green, grey.

Wood Shades: Dark

Shapes and Patterns: Geometric patterns in artwork and fabric (circles, squares, rectangles, etc), straight lines in furniture, very little pattern as a lot of block colour is used.

Materials of Furniture and Accessories: Metals, plastic, leather, high shine furniture, lino.

Key Accessory: Black and white photographs, statement wall art.

Feeling of a Modern Room (the lingo!): Crisp, clutter free, cool, simple, retro, metallic, spacious.

Examples of Modern Decor:

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 3. Nautical Style 

Colours: All shades of blue, navy, white, cream, beige, red, yellow, some black. 

Wood Shades: Light, distressed wood, natural finish, white painted, some dark wood.

Shapes and Patterns: Stripes, circles, rectangles, anchor shapes, fish shapes, lighthouse shapes, ring bouys, hook shapes, shell shapes, a lot of straight edges on furniture.

Materials of Furniture and Accessories:  Cotton, linen, netting, rope, sand, stone, wickerwork, some metal, wood, some plastic.

Key Accessories: Maps, seashells, ship/sea artwork, Netting, baskets.

Feeling of a Nautical Room (the lingo!): Fresh, cleancut, sailor-ish, light, bright.

Examples of Nautical Decor:

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