About Me and My Blog

Hey there!

I'm a creative person but as I'm in my twenties, haven't got a lot of cash to splash around on home decor and am often too busy to spend a lot of time on major DIY projects. Despite this however, I'm often hit by the decorating bug and often feel the need to give rooms a spruce up every once and a while with as minimal effort required as possible.

I find that online there seems to be a lot of major DIY projects available to try (painting the room, building furniture, major sewing projects!) but there are few simple projects to create an instant difference in a room with minimal materials, minimum cost and minimal effort.

On this blog I intend to help out anyone who's a bit stuck for ideas on how to change their room around a little with some ideas and projects that I have come up with and tried out myself. Many of the projects I have come up with make use of recycled materials that often are found lying around the house - the materials that you don't seem to get around to throwing out because they 'just might come in handy someday'. Well guys, someday has now arrived so time to get them out of hiding! :)

Ideas are sorted into different room themes, descriptions of which can be found on the KIS Guide to Room Themes page, and many have been inspired by accessories that can be bought in shops for four times the price!

Hope you enjoy my blog,