Friday, July 23, 2010

Modern Style Wall Art

I saw this modern style of wall art recently which I thought would be really simple to recreate with materials lying around the house:

The original piece is made from metal and would probably cost a fortune to buy and would be quite difficult to make, but the idea of a square sequence of wall designs with this type of pattern is the concept I have taken and tried to replicate as it is very in keeping with the modern style of decor.

Here is my take on the design:

Close up:

What you will need:

1. Old black jewellery boxes. (Ideally large in size, such as those for necklaces etc.)2. Nail scissors (with a pointed end)
Nails for hanging wall art.

How to Make:

Cut the interior lining of the jewellery boxes as in the picture:

Snap the two pieces apart, making sure not to tear the black material covering the box.

On the back of the bottom part of the box (the piece without writing on it in the above picture), etch in a design using a pointed nail scissors. (Used as it is sharp but also small enough to make detailed patterns.) In this case, I imitated the pattern on the metal squares, using diagonal wavy lines. If using this pattern, leave about a cm around the edges of the square without pattern, as a kind of boarder.

Experiment with the amount of lines you etch and the space between each diagonal line to create a more distinct pattern if you wish. Don't feel that you have to use this particular pattern either - concentric circles, squares within squares or abstract patterns could be just as effective!

4. Repeat this three times to create three designed squares.

5. Hang/balance each on a nail on a wall using the top edge of the box where the red dot in the picture is:
6. Line up the wall art either horizontally or vertically (as I have) on the wall.

7. Hold on to the tops of the jewellery boxes you have used for future projects and admire your new piece of modern art!

Look out for more Modern Style accessories in future posts!

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