Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wicker Basket Nightlight

I have to admit that I am a bit of a romantic and for this reason I would like to start my blog off with the Romantic theme of decor.

This is a quick and easy idea for adding interest and a splash of colour (and nature!) to a surface in a room. I made this to match my bedroom colour scheme.

What you will need:

1. Small wicker basket
2. Assortment of pebbles
3. Dark coloured tissue paper from wrapping etc. (preferably in a neutral colour like chocolate brown/black/etc)
4. Nightlight
5. Cloth/paper flower (from an old flower arrangement/a hat/brooch/hair accessory etc. This should be chosen to match/complement the colour scheme of the room.)

How to make:

1. Crunch up the tissue paper and use it to fill the bottom of the basket, having some of it spilling out over the edge of the basket.

2. Insert the stem of the flower into the tissue paper so that the head of the flower is lying on its side against the basket side.

3. Cover this layer of tissue paper with pebbles (as in the picture), making sure to secure the flower in the basket with pebbles around the base of its head. Remember to leave a hollow in the middle of the basket for the candle to sit in.

4. Insert a nightlight on top of the pebbles in the centre of the basket. Make sure some tissue paper is
visible around the exposed edge of the basket to balance the flower.

Warning! This item is not suitable to light as it could be a fire hazard.
It is for ornamentation purposes only!

Keep an eye out for more Romantic Style posts in the future!

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